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7 Instagram Tips

to Attract More Customers

The complete guide to getting started on Instagram!

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform (currently sitting at about 800 million users). That is more than Twitter (about 330 Million) and LinkedIn (about 500 Million).

With so many users, chances are your ideal customer is there! But how do you use these numbers in your favour to attract your dream customers? 

In this guide I will demystify the platform and help you make powerful moves to generate more leads and attract more customers!  

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About Denise

Denise Alison

Denise Alison (@stratigrodenise)

Hi, I'm Denise! I am the CEO and Founder of Stratigro, and I help businesses grow with Social Media and Live Video!

I appproach social media differently. Social media isn't about selling, it's about building meaningful relationships with your audience by connecting, providing value, and creating engagement. 

I created this guide just for you, so that you can have a powerful presence on Instagram that helps your attract more customers; without feeling slimy or scammy!

7 Instagram Tips

to Attract More Customers!

The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Instagram