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Beat the Algorithm: Get More Visibility, Engagement, and Leads with Live Video!

Are you struggling to get your social media posts in front of your ideal customers? Algorithms are always changing (to the disadvantage of business owners) and reaching your audience seems to be getting more challenging by the day! 

But, connecting with your audience on social media is still possible. And the best tool to accomplish that is Live Video! That's why I created this free training. Make your time spent on social media pay off! 

In this 60 minute session you'll learn:

  • What factors determine how many and which users see your posts; 
  • The benefits of adding Live Video to your social media marketing strategy;
  • How to get more visibility, engagement, and leads with Live Video!

Next training: September 27th, 12PM ADT


About Denise

Denise Alison

Denise Alison (@stratigrodenise)

Hi, I'm Denise! I am the CEO and Founder of Stratigro, and I help businesses grow with Social Media and Live Video!

I approach social media differently. Social media isn't about selling, it's about building meaningful relationships with your audience by connecting, providing value, and creating engagement. 

My business is what it is today because of Live Video. I use it consistently to educate and interact with my audience, which build that know, like and trust factor that is vital to business relationships.