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As a society, we have been putting WAY too much emphasis on getting more followers, and not enough focus on using social media to build the meaningful connections that are vital to successful business relationships.

That's why I created this training. I want to help you not only grow your following, but learn how to turn your followers into loyal customers! 

In this 60 minute session you'll learn:

  • Why your approach to social media isn't getting you results; 
  • 3 social media mistakes that make you lose followers and opportunities;
  • 3 Keys to successfully attracting your dream customers with social media!

Next training: August 2nd, 12PM ADT


About Denise

Denise Alison

Denise Alison (@stratigrodenise)

Hi, I'm Denise! I am the CEO and Founder of Stratigro, and I help businesses grow with Social Media and Live Video!

I approach social media differently. Social media isn't about selling, it's about building meaningful relationships with your audience by connecting, providing value, and creating engagement. 

I love everything about social media! And I've used it to grow my business in an authentic way without being slimy, spammy, or being glued to my phone.

I created this training for entrepreneurs and experts who know that social media is a powerful tool, but aren't quite sure how to use it to grow their business.